Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

DIY Wedding – Little Bag of Happiness Favours

You may have a wedding without canapés, flowergirls, dessert or even a honeymoon. But you cannot have a wedding without your Other Half, a fabulous gown, music or favours. Favours! They are the charming tokens of your gratitude and appreciation to the people sharing your special day. There are as many kinds of favours as there are brides – from traditional almonds to chocolates, seeds, lottery tickets, personalised pens, to fans, cups and saucers!

If you are a crafty bride with a creative streak, you may even have a go at making something unique and unusual by hand – we have just the thing! A lovely message to your guests, with a personal touch and an affectionate meaning – at an amazingly low price and very little effort! Too good to be true? Not at all – follow our tutorial below to make your very own Little Bag of Happiness! The bag is a little note of affection for your guests, with a loving message and some quirky tokens, guaranteed to provide many merry moments for the guests.


Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

What you’ll need

  • Chocolate balls, glass marbles, and 5p coins – as many as you’ll need for the number of favours
  • A length of string, cut into small pieces
  • A length of elastic, also cut into small pieces
  • Erasers – to be cut into smaller pieces, so about a quarter of the number of favours, depending on size
  • Card stock to print the message tags, or plain place cards
  • Organza favour bags in your favourite colour(s)
  • Decorative trims – optional

Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

Words from the heart

The cards say:

A chocolate – so you know someone cares
A piece of string – so you can hold it all together
Elastic – so you can stretch beyond your means
A marble – for when you have lost yours
5p – so you are never totally broke
An eraser – so you can make those little mistakes vanish

This text is just a suggestion – you may modify it in any way that’s meaningful to you! For example, you may say “a chocolate – because you’re sweet”!

Step-by-step instructions

1. Cut the elastic, string, and erasers into small pieces – as many as there will be favours

2. Print the tags onto card stock, cut out when done – if you don’t have a printer, you can write the text by hand with a calligraphy pen for that personal touch!

Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

3. Punch or pierce a hole to the left or right of the tag title

4. Fill the organza bags with one of each: chocolate ball, a marble, a coin, a piece of string, a piece of elastic, and a piece of eraser

Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

5. Attach the tag to the organza bag strings

Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

6. Decorate with trims as you like

Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

7. Be impressed with your DIY skills!

Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

Some great tips

There are endless opportunities to be creative with this favour option: you may fill the bag with as many chocolates or chocolate-covered almonds as you like. You may use a favour box, tin, or any other container, instead of the organza bag. You may modify the trims to anything you like, including pearls, feathers, multi-coloured ribbons – even lengths of gingham fabric for your country or rustic themed wedding!

Little Bag of Happiness Favour Tutorial

These favours will be completely unique and unexpected – and they take very little time to put together! Call upon your bridesmaids, your mum or aunties to make them at a fun DIY evening! They are well worth the effort – we guarantee your guests will love them!

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