Eco-Chic Wedding Favours

If you’re just as concerned about the planet as you are with your wedding plans, you may be considering an eco-friendly wedding. There’s no need to sacrifice style for sustainability, green weddings can be just as chic as their counterparts – without the larger carbon footprint!

'Just Married' seed strips


‘Just Married’ seed strips from the Confetti Shop

Favours are a great place to display your green credentials. How about giving each of your guests a matchbox of seed sticks so that they can plant their very own Forget-Me-Nots? You could also have these printed with your wedding date so that the flowers will always remind your guests of your special day.

There are lots of other seeds-as-favours options you may choose from, such as wild flowers, sunflowers, or even hot chillies!

Baking cookies or cupcakes for your guests and icing them with their names is a simple but eco-friendly way of thanking them for attending your wedding. You could also save on paper by using them as place cards.

 eco chic stationery

Great eco chic stationery at the Confetti shop

For those amongst you with plenty of time and creativity, why not trawl vintage or salvage stores for old tea-cups and fill them with natural beeswax to create a charming and natural candle favour? You can guarantee that nobody else will have the same favours. Tie a recycled luggage tag to the arm of the tea cup for a place card alternative.

Jenna McKenzie

Image by Jenna McKenzie

If you’re really serious about saving the planet, then why not make a donation to an ecological charity on behalf of your guests in place of favours? Everybody will appreciate the gesture and you can inform them using a notecard giving your reasons for the donation.

Green doesn’t have to be mean, you can have an eco-friendly wedding and still maintain your sense of style. Be creative and give the planet a break!

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