Fabulous Favours for Every Budget!

Think your budget’s too tight to have favours for every guest? Think again. Giving favours is a wonderful wedding tradition meant to bring good luck to the bride and groom, and a smile to every guest’s face. 

Dolly Mixture Favour Jar


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Traditionally at a wedding, five sugared almonds were given to each guest to symbolise the bitter-sweet nature of marriage and to represent health, wealth, fertility, long life and happiness. Favours are your special little gift for every guest to take home and remember your day. They are usually left at each guest’s place setting at the wedding breakfast, but can also be given out after the reception providing the bride and groom with the perfect excuse to stop and talk to every guest.

Here are some ideas for lovely low-budget wedding favours:

Iced Cookie Favours

Cookie favours are very fashionable at the moment and a lovely gift for each of your guests. Simply choose a heart-shape, or perhaps a shape to tie in with your theme such as a butterfly or seashell, and ice the name of each guest onto the cookie. You can leave them out at each place setting on a side plate, or present them in a pretty tulle bag for them to take home. For big budget weddings, have them specially made by a professional. For smaller budgets, buy ready-made biscuits in bulk from your local supermarket (for under 10p each) and ice them yourself, or make them from scratch (gingerbread recipes are best for this and keep for up to five days) and ice them with your bridesmaids for fun!

Iced Cupcake Favours

This is a show-stopper for a vintage-style wedding, combining a cupcake stand as your table centrepiece, with your cupcake favours making the display. Ice each cake with the name of your guests and tie a ribbon in your chosen wedding colours around each one for a fabulous arrangement. For a big budget wedding have them specially made in the flavour and colour of your choice. To save on costs buy your cupcakes from a low-cost supermarket for as little as 7p each and ice them yourself, or lovingly make (and freeze ahead) each cupcake and ice them with your bridesmaids as above.

Traditional Sugared Almonds

It’s a good choice for small budget weddings – you can buy your almonds in bulk and then decant them into the cheap but very pretty sachet bags yourself. These work out at under 90p per person!

Chocolate Favours

Individual coloured or ribbon-tied boxes filled with chocolates are a lovely and very attractive favour to add to your reception tables.  Adorn them with diamante buckles or sparkling butterflies for that extra special touch and fill with champagne truffles or chocolate hearts.

Lowest Priced Favours

The best priced favours are little cube boxeswhich are just big enough to hold either a single Champagne truffle or the traditional five sugared almonds. If you buy your truffles or almonds in bulk you could have sweet little favours at under 60p per person!

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