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Favour Boxes: Fun Wedding Favour Boxes to Suit All Wedding Styles

Favour boxes come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, so here’s a selection of some of our favourites including stunning “blooming” flower boxes and Cinderella carriages to unique jewel-footed boxes and even miniature lanterns. These creative boxes are perfect for all manner of wedding styles and themes, and many can double as stunning alternative wedding ring boxes!

29 of Our Favourite Wedding Favour Boxes

1) Blooming Flower Favour Boxes

This pretty white and gold box hides an even prettier secret inside—a beautiful flower that unfurls, perhaps revealing a luxury chocolate?


White and Gold Blooming Flower Favour Box | above: “Surprise” Paper Bloom Box  with Modern Floral Large Foiled Rectangular Card

2) Treasure Chest Favour Boxes

A creative favour box, especially perfect for a beach wedding.

Mini Wooden Treasure Chest Favour - Unique Wedding Favour Ideas - Ring Box Ideas | above: Mini Wooden Treasure Chest with Treasure Map Card

3) Love Wreath Favour Boxes

A lovely green and gold favour box with metallic writing that reads “Love is all you need”.

Love Wreath Favour Box with Ribbon - Beautiful and Unique Wedding Favour Box Ideas | above: Love Wreath Favour Box with Ribbon with Greenery Leaf Rectangular Favour Tag Vertical Assortment

4) Pineapple Favour Boxes

A very trendy selection of 3D pineapple boxes in an assortment of white and gold designs.

Tropical Pineapple Party Favour Boxes - White and Gold Pineapple Wedding Favour Boxes | above: Tropical Pineapple Boxes with “City Style” Rectangular Favour Tag

5) Diamond Favour Boxes

Laser cut, diamond-shaped boxes in metallic silver or gold.

Metallic Silver Glamorous Diamond Favour Box | Metallic Gold Glamorous Diamond Favour Box | above: Metallic Silver or Metallic Gold Diamond Shaped Boxes with Monogram Simplicity Small Rectangular Favour Tag

6) Geo Marble Favour Boxes

Unique boxes that, when assembled, resemble 3D pieces of marble dipped in gold.

Modern Geo Marble and Gold Party Favour Boxes - Marble Effect Wedding Decor | above: Modern Geo Marble and Gold Boxes with Greenery Rectangular Favour Tag Horizontal Assortment

7) Cinderella Carriage Favour Boxes

What better favour box is there for a magical fairytale or Disney inspired wedding?

Cinderella Wedding Carriage Favour Box - Fairytale Wedding Favours | above: Cinderella Wedding Carriage Favour Box

8) Mailbox Favour Boxes

These mailbox inspired boxes are very cute, and especially ideal for a country or garden themed wedding.

Small White Tin Mailbox Favour Container - Post Box Wedding Favour Box - Interesting Favour Box Ideas | above: Small White Tin Mailbox Favour Container with L’amour Peony Garden Post Note Cards and Sea Blue Ribbon

9) Metal Tin Favour Boxes

These tin boxes, engraved inside with XOXO, are simple but very effective.

XOXO Rectangular Tin Box with Lid - Stylish Silver Favour Box | above: XOXO Rectangular Tin Box with Lid, complete with “City Style” Rectangular Favour Tag, “City Style” Sticker, and Silver TwineXOXO Personalised Tin Favour Boxes with Lids - City Chic Wedding Favours - Industrial Wedding Ideas - Succulent Wedding Decor | above: XOXO Personalised Tins with Lids complete with “City Style” Tin Favour Box Wrap and “Bistro Bliss” Menu Card

10) Aged Industrial Tin Favour Boxes

These industrial style tin boxes look fantastic with succulents and make for a lovely “city chic” wedding theme.

Small Tin Favour Box with Grey Aged Finish - Industrial Wedding Favours - Succulent Wedding Favours | above: Small Tin Favour Box with Aged Finish with Bistro Bliss Rectangular Favour Tag and Mini Black Wooden Clips

11) Matchbox Favour Boxes

These versatile matchboxes can come as a complete blank canvas so that you can decorate them in whatever way you like!

White Drawer-Style Favour Box with Romance Floral Wrap Assortment - Vintage Blue Wedding Favours - Vintage Floral Favour Boxes | Kraft Drawer-Style Favour Box with Romance Floral Wrap Assortment - Vintage Blue Wedding Favours - Vintage Floral Favour Boxes | above: Drawer-Style Favour Box with Romance Floral Wrap Assortment in White and Kraft StyleWhite Drawer-Style Paper Favour Box - Green and Gold Wedding Favour Boxes - Classic Wedding Favours | above: White Drawer-Style Paper Favour Box with Botanical Wreath Square Tag and Metallic Gold Twine

12) Retro Popcorn Carton Favour Boxes

These bright pink popcorn cartons look fantastic for a summer or retro themed wedding.

Pink Novelty Popcorn Boxes - Retro Popcorn Cartons - Retro Favour Boxes | above: Novelty Popcorn Boxes with Clear Cellophane BagsPersonalised Cellophane Popcorn Bag InsertRetro Vintage Dots Cello Favour Bag Inserts, and Lemon Yellow and Sea Blue Ribbon

13) Art Deco Cylinder Favour Boxes

Available in black or gold, these Art Deco cylinder boxes may be small but they are also very stylish.

Black and Gold Art Deco Cylinder Boxes with Clear Lid - Stylish Wedding Favour Boxes | above: Art Deco Cylinder Boxes with Clear Lid with Black and Gold Opulence Diecut Sticker and Black and Gold Opulence Menu Card

14) Bird House Favour Boxes

These sweet bird house style boxes are perfect for a love bird, garden or nature inspired wedding, and if you want to go all the way why not look into actual miniature birdhouses?

Small Bird House Wedding Favours - Cute Wedding Favour Boxes | above: Small Bird House Wedding Favours Love Nest Bird House Wedding Favours - Garden Wedding Ideas | above: Bird Houses

15) Bride and Groom Love Heart Favour Boxes

Rustic and vintage collide in these lovely heart shaped Kraft boxes, complete with ribbon personalisation to make them look like the bride and groom.

Bride and Groom Favour Boxes Heart Kraft Paper Favour Box With Vintage Lace Print | above: Kraft Boxes with Vintage Lace PrintBlack and White Ribbon, Clear Heart Jewels, Clear Mini Crystals, and Lace Medley Rectangular Tags

16) Mirrored Favour Boxes

A miniature mirrored favour box is perfect for a glamorous wedding and makes for a wonderful keepsake afterwards.

Small Mirrored Keepsake Box with Lid - Mirror Favour Box - Glamorous Wedding Ideas | above: Small Mirrored Keepsake Box with Lid

17) Beach Favour Boxes

Pretty starfish and seashells decorate these aged white and blue boxes—perfect for a seaside wedding.

Beach Theme Wooden Trinket Boxes - Beach Wedding Favour Boxes - Starfish Wedding Favours | above: Beach Theme Wooden Trinket Boxes

18) Tree Favour Boxes

Pretty wooden boxes with a white tree painted upon them help to create understated but beautiful wedding favours.

Mini Wooden Box with Lid - Exclusive Tree Design - Woodland Wedding Favour Boxes - Tree Design Favour Boxes | above: Miniature Wooden Box With Lid with Exclusive Tree Design

19) Airmail Favour Boxes

These charming DIY favour box kits are very easy to assemble, and the finished product looks fantastic every single time!

Vintage Inspired Airmail Favour Box Kit - Wanderlust and Travel Wedding Favour Ideas | above: Vintage Inspired Airmail Favour Box Kit with “Well Travelled” Vintage Paper Shipping Tags with Twine Ties

20) Sweetie Pie Favour Boxes

Give your guests a tasty wedding favour with miniature pies in some of these cute “Sweetie Pie” favour box kits.

Homemade Baked Sweetie Pies Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas | above: “Sweetie Pies” Mini Pie Packaging Kits with Purple Ribbon and Equestrian Love Tag

21) Typewriter Favour Boxes

Very stylish boxes that are ideal for a classic or vintage themed wedding.

Vintage Inspired Typewriter Favour Box Kit - Vintage Favour Boxes | above: Vintage Inspired Typewriter Favour Box Kit

22) Chalkboard Favour Boxes

These black and white chalkboard boxes look fantastic with so many wedding themes from rustic to woodland, and they can be easily personalised with a chalk pen.

Chalkboard Favour Box Kits - Black and White Chalkboard Wedding Favour Boxes | above: Chalkboard Favour Box Kits

23) Silver Birch Favour Boxes

Gorgeous round boxes inspired by the bark of silver birch trees, completed here with some lovely green ribbon, that look great for a woodland inspired wedding.

Silver Birch Tree Effect Round Favour Box - Woodland Wedding Favour Ideas | above: Silver Birch Round Favour Box with Willow Green Ribbon and Woodland Pretty Small Rectangular Tag

24) Transparent Chair Favour Boxes

Creative, elegant boxes available in grey and gold that we can imagine in almost any wedding theme.

Silver Transparent Chair Favour Boxes - Silver Chair Creative Favour Boxes | above: Transparent Chair Boxes with White Ribbon and Monogram Simplicity Small Rectangular Favour Tag

25) Transparent Favour Boxes

Completely transparant boxes are some of the most fun ways to present your wedding favours, as you can personalise them to your heart’s content and show off what lies within.

Transparent Acetate Favour Box - Clear Favour Box - Blue and Gold Floral Cupcakes | above: Transparent Acetate Favour Box with Metallic Gold Twine

26) Book/Love Story Favour Boxes

Favours that go wonderfully with a storybook or fairytale wedding theme. They look especially amazing when suspended from above a table.

Antique Book Favour Box Kit - Storybook Wedding Ideas - Book Wedding Favour Ideas - Love Story Wedding | above: Antique Book Favour Box Kit with Metallic Gold Twine

27) Jewel-Footed Favour Boxes

Beautiful, intricate boxes like these can go with absolutely any wedding theme.

Aged Vintage Chic Wedding Favour Box with Tin Favour Tags | Above: Jewel Footed Wooden Boxes with Aged White Finish with Oval Tin Tag

28) DIY Favour Boxes

Have a lot of fun with boxes that come in one plain colour: add ribbons, charms, and other DIY accessories like a wax seal to personalise them.

DIY Wedding Favour Boxes - Fun Wedding Favour Boxes to Suit All Wedding Styles | above: Cube Boxes with Wax Seal and Metallic Gold Twine; “Classic Filigree” Monogram Simplicity Small Sticker and White Ribbon; Metallic Paper Bow, Metallic Gold Twine, and Glitter Tag

Butterfly Wedding Favour Boxes - Garden Wedding Favour Ideas | above: Favour Box with Lid, Faux Moss, Hand Painted Butterflies, and Woodland Pretty Small Rectangular Tag

29) Mini Lantern Favour Boxes

While not officially a favour box, we love the idea of using these mini lanterns as a container for something special for your wedding guests.

Mini Lanterns with Hanger - Nautical Wedding Favour Ideas - Lantern Wedding Favour Boxes - Beach Wedding Favour Ideas | above: Mini Lanterns with Metallic Gold Twine, Aqueous Small Rectangular Favour Tag, Boat Wheel Charm, Tea Light, and Personalised Matchbox

See even more creative and beautiful wedding favour containers here, including mini watering cans and picnic baskets, and for more wedding favour inspiration check out these 5 wedding favours to fit any theme.

Pretty Pink and Roses Favour Boxes | above: Floral Garden Favour Box with Modern Floral Square Foiled Favour Tag

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