How to Style a Barn Wedding |

How to Style a Barn Wedding

Barns, with their soaring wooden beams and echoic flagstones, are traditionally used for rustic- or country-themed weddings. As we look forward to spring and summer, we look at how to style a barn wedding to fit you and your theme.

How to Style a Barn Wedding |
Browse our Shabby Chic wedding theme and be inspired for your own barn wedding!

Barns in and of themselves usually look beautiful, especially if they’ve been converted at some time or another. The architecture both inside and outside speaks for itself and will usually need very little beautification. However, adding decor is the easiest way to make your wedding venue your own for your big day, and when you do get creative, magical things happen.


Barn Weddings |
Above, clockwise from the left, images courtesy of: Healey Barn | Shustoke Farm Barns

Rustic weddings are very popular in spring and summer, and barns are something of a traditional venue choice. Therefore they tend to walk hand-in-hand with anything nature—bright florals, wood and stone effects, and greenery.

Rustic Wedding |
Featured above: Cripps Barn and Rustic Wooden Table Number
Hanging Lights |
Above, light garlands create a beautiful effect for any barn wedding.

Flowing fabrics and hanging garlands look particularly stunning in large barns, as they fill space that might otherwise remain empty. Add lots of textures and layers to create a rustic or shabby chic theme, and take advantage of the high ceilings and wooden beams of the venue by winding and draping swathes of twinkling lights to create something of a festival atmosphere.

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Featured above, clockwise from the right: Vintage Inspired Suitcase and Ruffled Fabric Ribbon Trim  | Round Pillar Candles and Frosted Sea Blue Bottles with Cork Stopper | Bell Shaped Glass Tealight Holder

But barns aren’t solely used for rustic weddings—they’re surprisingly adaptable venues that can be decorated to fit any wedding theme from vintage to glamorous. Go bohemian with bright florals and pastel pinks and blues, or inject some opulence with deep fabrics and shining glassware lit by candles and lantern light.

Opulent Barn Wedding |
Above, image courtesy of Pinterest

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