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How to Throw a New Year’s Eve Wedding

The 31st of December is a day of excitement, the atmosphere charged with the coming of the new year. And with that comes a fresh start for many people, filled with promises and commitments. So a New Year’s Eve wedding is the perfect time to speak your vows to your partner. What better way is there to bring in the new year?

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The Look

The beauty of having a New Year’s Eve wedding is that all of your Christmas decorations will probably still be up. You’re also in the midst of winter, and winter weddings are some of the most magical. You could do anything with the look of your wedding to make it a night to remember. Choose a theme such as a lavish masquerade ball or glamourous Art Deco reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. Decorate your venue with dramatic red roses, balloons and streamers and confetti, or set the place sparkling with glitter, candles, sparklers, and twinkling lights. Metallic silver and gold with deep black are the traditional New Year’s Eve colours, and this colour scheme spread across your wedding decor will look fantastic. Incorporate your wedding favours into the day by giving guests masks or sparklers, party poppers, confetti or bottles of bubbles. Use your guest book as an opportunity for your guests to share their New Years Resolutions and to wish you well in yours.

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New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas.

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Fashion-wise, New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity to have a stunning dress code that can set the night alive. If you stick to a chosen theme, you don’t have to spend a fortune on costumes for only one night—you could rent them. Or dress in black tie, with dapper tuxes and stunning gowns; a New Year’s Eve wedding is a great opportunity to look at unique wedding dresses. Don’t stick to the classic white wedding dress if you don’t want to. Go for black, or a splash of colour. Furthermore, you might even want to take this night as an opportunity for an outfit change. Change from your wedding gown into a sparkly party dress and dance the night away.


When it comes to catering for your New Year’s Eve wedding, bear in mind that Christmas was the week before and your guests may be staying until midnight at least. You’ll want to avoid a big wedding dinner; have a small one, and then supply snacks throughout the night with plenty of champagne. Look into festive treats such as fortune cookies to stick with the New Year’s Eve theme of good luck and good wishes, and make sure you offer plenty of water and coffee so that your guests will be more inclined to stay for the countdown.

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New Year’s Eve brings with it an inherent excited, party atmosphere. This works to your advantage, because your own party atmosphere will be strengthened by it. Many of your guests will probably decide to stay until midnight and beyond. Your wedding reception can be the New Year’s Eve party. So make the most of it. You could add some fun and embrace the occasion by having a huge countdown clock on the wall, or you could use the countdown itself as a theme and decorate your reception with clocks and numbers. Plan your big day so that your ceremony and reception happen later in the day—this allows your guests to spend the day with family before joining you for your wedding.

There are many entertainment options available, and for a New Year’s Eve wedding reception fortune tellers and tarot card readers can be a great addition, and you can end the night on a bang with some traditional fireworks. (See our article for 14 Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas).

Things to Consider

  • The 31st December is a very sought-after date, so you’ll have to work fast if you’re planning a New Year’s Eve wedding. You must start your planning early—perhaps a year or more in advance!—particularly when it comes to choosing your venue. It can be a very difficult and expensive time to host a wedding, because everyone is competing to hire venues for parties; there’s huge demand.
  • Some venues and suppliers (florists, caterers, etc,) may not be available during the holiday season, or they will charge more. Similarly, it may be difficult to find an officiator or registrar to perform the ceremony.
  • You may have to look into a late license so that the party doesn’t stop at midnight.
  • You should take into account any children or elderly guests you may have. They won’t be able to party until the early morning, so it’s a great idea to set aside a small quiet area where they can rest. You could hire a nanny too, to look after the children in a small games/slumber party area.
  • There might be very few buses and taxis running, so you’ll have to consider alternative transport and/or accommodation. Perhaps you could book a few hotel rooms for anyone who needs to sleep off the celebration?  If you host your wedding in a hotel this option is made even easier.
  • Think about where you want to be and what you want to do when the clock finally strikes midnight. Will you make a toast? Will you and your partner have a belated first dance? Will you go into a quiet corner to spend the moment together? Of course, you must also respect your guests’ wishes too. They may have something of their own they want to do at midnight, such as call family members.
  • Make sure you give advance notice of your wedding date in your invitations, save the dates, etc (or even well before you send these out!).
  • Even then, be prepared for some guests to not be able to attend; some people prefer to spend the New Year together, quietly. (As a result, your decision to have your wedding on New Year’s Eve may be seen by some as quite selfish—for you may be making your guests choose between your wedding and possible family commitments.)
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Decorations perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding Reception.

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