Intimate Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas |

Intimate Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas

These days, many couples choose to have a smaller wedding and reception. Not only does this often save on cost, but with only the closest of friends and family sharing in your big day it also makes the wedding a much more personal celebration. Here are some of our favourite intimate autumn wedding reception ideas.

Intimate Autumn Wedding Reception Ideas |

Intimate weddings, being a lot smaller than the average wedding, don’t demand as much space. Therefore, first and foremost, you don’t have to feel like you have to search for an enormous venue in order to accommodate everybody. You can if you’d like to, of course—some people dream of a grand manor house or castle wedding—but for fewer guests, a smaller venue is usually the best option. You won’t be thin on choices for intimate venues either, as beautiful venues come in all sizes.

Heaton House Farm |
Above, Heaton House Farm
Autumn |
Above, images courtesy of Pinterest

With a smaller space to decorate, you may need to be very selective about your decor. It’s too easy to make a space look cluttered if you use too many things. And yet, sometimes this effect works very well. Here at Confetti we enjoy styling tables with big floral arrangements and  bottles and glasses. Consider breaking out the DIY to create your own unique spin on your decorations.

Autumn Table |
Above, Mini Glass Bell Jar and “Birds of a Feather” Mini Ceramic Container
Autumn Decor |
Above, DIY Autumn Wedding Decor with Glass Bottle Set and Colourful Burlap Wreaths

With fewer guests, you’re obviously going to need a lot less food. This means you could use some of the money you’re saving by being a little bit adventurous with your menu and sweet treats. Look at the classics—pies and dishes laden with nuts and berries, toffee or caramel apples and tasty soups. You might even want to go the extra mile with your wedding cake.

Autumn Treats and Sweets |
Above, images courtesy of Pinterest
Autumn Details |
Above, clockwise from the top-left: “Perching” White Ceramic Birds and Birch Print “Sipper” Straws | Porcelain Owl Pair Figurines Cake Topper | Interlocking Bear Hug Cake Topper Figurine Set

Similarly, with an intimate wedding reception you will be more likely, when it comes to your wedding favours, to spend a little more on each of your guests. Bottle stoppers, small boxes filled with sweets, an autumn-themed booklet—use your imagination to make something truly special.

Autumn Wedding Favours |
Above, clockwise from the top-left: Autumn Leaf Wine Stopper | Personalised Zinnia Bloom Notepad Favour | Circular Favour Box with Birch Pattern

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