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Love Grows: Wedding Favour Seeds

Confetti loves unique wedding favour ideas. And with more and more people going green, these seed packs make a great eco friendly alternative to the mainstream. With environmental concerns foremost in people’s minds these days what could be more delightful and symbolic than plantable seeds as wedding favours?

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Above, clockwise from top left: Love Blossoms Personalised Wildflower seed card | Love Grows Personalised seed card | Personalised Favour Cards with Seeded Paper Love Birds | Personalised wedding card with Seeded Paper Sun

Love isn’t instantaneous. You can have lust at first sight, infatuation, or a sudden ardent desire, but not love. For love requires knowledge of the beloved: their quirks, their faults, their unique oddities. It requires listening as well as talking, giving as well as taking, vulnerability as well as strength. For two people to fall in love the conditions need to be just right, there needs to be warmth, trust and the light of happiness. Love cannot flourish in darkness.

The perfect symbolism for this process is the seed growing into a plant and then blossoming into a flower. This is one of the reasons we see more and more couples giving seed favours to their wedding guests. They like the idea of their friends and family returning from the wedding and sewing wildflowers, sunflowers, forget-me-nots and peonies in their gardens.

Stop an imagine what would happen if a hundred or more of your wedding guests planted these favours. A floral explosion across the UK. There’d be flowers blossoming in country gardens, on suburban sun decks, and on inner city balconies: a reminder of a beautiful day spent together. A token not just of the love between two people, but the affection you feel for everyone who attended.

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