Mark Niemierko’s top tips – VENUES

Mark Niemierko is Britain’s leading wedding planner. His namesake company Niemierko have previously arranged the weddings of Russian oligarchs, Premiership football players and high society couples from London, New York and Paris.

Mark will now be regularly contributing to Confetti.

In his first Top Tips, Mark gives us hints on what to consider for when looking for a wedding venue:


  1. Firstly, and possibly most obviously, choose a venue that matches your style and taste. Don’t get lost in choosing something to overly impress or out do your guests. A wedding is a personal event so should be a reflection of you both.
  2. Don’t choose a venue, especially within the UK, simply for its outside grounds. The weather is the one thing you can’t control or plan and if it does rain you’ll be stuck inside.
  3. If you are looking for an all night party and want to finish late check what music and bar restrictions a venue may have. Most UK venues do close at mid‐night; however some hotels and exclusive use properties can stay open late or at least keep a bar open for residents.
  4. Think about your overall budget when booking a venue. Consider there are other elements to add on such as flowers and production (lighting, sound and staging). For example if you choose a historic Palace with high ceilings you’ll need to fill the space with something and that will eat into your budget.
  5. Logistics are key. You want your wedding to be enjoyable for your guests and easy to get to. Consider if it doesn’t come with accommodation that nice hotels with varying budgets are near by. Also if your ceremony will be off site make sure it’s no longer than 20 minutes away by car… no one really wants to travel too long from a ceremony – especially if it’s a hot summer’s day!

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