Marquee layouts

Example 1

This layout is for a wedding with 150 guests to be held during the summer. Guests will weather‐permitting be able to use the large garden to have drinks beforehand. The marquee is away from the house meaning the caterers need a separate marquee to work in.


Marquee layout 1

  • Looks attractive and inviting with entrance marquee and windows facing the garden.
  • In bad weather dance floor becomes greeting area.
  • Oval top table avoids isolating the bridesmaid and best man on the end.
  • DJ/Band at the end rather than side of dance floor makes for a better view and atmosphere.
  • Screen avoids seeing into the kitchen.
  • All tables are near the top table.
  • Round tables are well spaced without over crowding or overly spacious.

Example 2

This layout of for a wedding with 120 guests to be held during the winter. The secret to having a marquee in the winter is to have guests walk into a ‘wall of warmth’ upon arrival ‐ ensure the marquee is well heated before guests arrive.

Marquee layout 2

  • Top table is moved after the meal allowing bridal party to circulate.
  • Dance floor becomes the centre of attention.
  • French doors are used to keep heat in
  • Greeting area has soft seating and bar
  • DJ is behind a ‘reveal’ screen during the meal
  • Heating is well distributed, especially covering the door (main source of heat‐loss)
  • Round tables are well spaced without over crowding or overly spacious
The “Complete Confetti Guide to Marquees” was written and submitted by Spencer King.

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