Contemporary Vintage Table Setting

Long Wedding Banqueting Tables

A lot of time may be spent at the dinner table on the wedding day. Have you considered the banquet option? Long banquet tables are perfect for smaller venues. Not only do they look great, but they are ideal for creating a personal and fun atmosphere.

Long Wedding Banquet TableAbove: Cathrin and Ian’s Rustic Destination Wedding in Cyprus


Banquet tables are a treat to decorate, as you can use all different centrepieces at certain points on the table such as candles, flowers, tealights, vases and lanterns.

Candle Lanterns Outside ReceptionAbove: December Darlings – Ruth and Toby’s Real Wedding by Douglas Fry Photography

The traditional floor plan at a wedding has the guests at round tables, and a head table for the bride, groom, bridal party and parents. However, with so many couples choosing to forgo the option of a head table recently, some have gone a little further to create a more informal, family-style wedding breakfast by going for banqueting tables.

For a glamorous look, you could have white table cloths, a mix between candelabras and flowers, and pristine white chair covers. A nice way to lay this out for a more formal look is in a slight U-shape with the ‘head table’ (which could be a giant square table) in the centre.

Contemporary Vintage Table SettingArt Deco Table SettingAbove: Contemporary Vintage and Art Deco wedding themes as seen in the Confetti shop.

For a laid-back rustic look, go for parallel tables. You could use all different types of chairs with different colour ribbons on the back and use centrepieces such as old jam jars with wildflowers, pillar candles, fruit bowls and old wine bottles with candles in the neck.

Wedding banquet tableAbove: Lynn and Simon’s Real Wedding at River Cottage HQ

Above: Decor by The Pearl Tent Company

The long table option takes a bit more thought and preparation (as hotels or caterers may not have the accessories immediately to hand), but, done right, the banquet table will be a great talking point–and talking facility!– of your wedding.


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