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Preserve Your Memories with Memeoirs Wedding Keepsake

From the moment your soon-to-be spouse pops the question to the day you say ‘I do,’ you’ll want to cherish every second. Your love story began long ago and it is unique, unlike any other that has come before and unlike any other that will come after. You and your partner have a connection you couldn’t imagine was possible. You fit together and are ready to embark on the next phase of your lives, arm-in-arm.

Memeoirs Keepsake Books from the moment, you’re excited with the possibilities of the future, the thrill of the unknown and the fun that lies ahead. It’s these early moments in your relationship that are some of the most precious. The feelings you have for each other now are the ones that will help to sustain your love and carry you heart-in-heart for decades to come. The memories you make now are memories to be cherished and with Memeoirs, you can be sure to keep them forever.


Memeoirs is a platform that allows you to maintain the social media messages, chats or emails relevant to you and your love in a beautiful, professionally printed and bound keepsake. Memeoirs provides you the opportunity to store all of the unforgettable wedding conversations you have with your soon-to-be spouse, mum, chief bridesmaid, best man, anyone! Alternatively, you could use your Memeoirs wedding keepsake to retell your love story, from start to finish in your own words, with actual messages or  emails or snippets of conversation.

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Chronicling your best moments with Memeoirs

To get started with Memeoirs, simply think about the conversations you want to preserve. Nothing is off limits! From the nitty gritty planning details you’ve discussed on social media to the sweet romance you and your partner share through emails to one another to chats and inside jokes with your best friend. Next, use Memeoirs’s easy platform to collate the information you store, choose the conversations you want to keep and exclude the ones you don’t.

Use Memeoirs to tell the very beginning of your love story, from the moment you met to the moment you set your engagement. Share Memeoirs with your future in-laws to say thanks for raising a well-rounded, loving child. Send Memeoirs as a method of asking your best friend to be your chief bridesmaid!

Alternatively, invite all your wedding guests to a social media group or chat or dedicated email address and ask them to record their well wishes, wedding advice by signing a virtual wedding guest book. After the wedding, all of the messages from your chosen platform will be collated into Memeoirs. Get started on the Memeoirs website today to give your loved ones an unforgettable keepsake they’ll enjoy flipping back through for years to come!

Cover of a Memoirs Keepsake Memory Book from

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