Rustic Wedding Ideas from the Woodland Trust |

Rustic Wedding Ideas from the Woodland Trust

Give back to the beauty of nature on your big day with a dedication of conservation with the Woodland Trust. One of the best rustic wedding ideas for the bride and groom or all your guests and an ethical gift to the earth forever.

Rustic wedding ideas with The Woodland Trust |


Rustic wedding theme

According to the latest survey on weddings at, ecological and organic rustic and woodland wedding themes are currently the most popular. Eco-conscious couples planning a more ethical pro-earth wedding are loving the Woodland Trust’s dedications of trees and woodland across the UK.

Tree dedications are for individual trees while woodland dedications range from a quarter of an acre to up to an acre or more. Dedications of more than an acre can be upgraded to feature a bench or grove post, both with a personalised plaque. These rustic wedding ideas from the Woodland Trust go far beyond the notion of leaving organic homemade jams or seed strips as table favours for each guest.

Rustic wedding ideas

Woodland Trust tree or woodland dedications can be given to the bride and groom as a wedding gift or to the guests as wedding favours. Every dedication comes with a pack including a personalised certificate, information about the chosen place and a map of the wood.

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Hannah’s story

One couple recently dedicated a quarter of an acre to their wedding guests and the next day they all went to visit it. The bride, Hannah, told us, “We wanted to do something memorable for guests in place of giving traditional wedding favours, something everyone would appreciate and at the same time make sure the favours wouldn’t be wasted.  The woodland dedication was perfect. We were able to choose some woodland near the wedding venue (in North Yorkshire, where I’m from) and we came up with our own dedication wording. We had a very positive reaction from guests who hadn’t seen anything like this before at other weddings, and thought it was a great idea. Some of the guests planned to hike to the woodland the next day, and the information pack contained an OS map which they were able to use for reference. It all worked perfectly and we were delighted to give something unique to our guests whilst also helping such a great charity.”

Lovebirds two white doves. Rustic wedding ideas with The Woodland Trust |

Tree and woodland dedications

Tree dedications are a suggested donation of £15 and woodland dedications start at £250 for a quarter acre. What we love most about them, apart from how much they help our planet, is that Woodland Trust dedications are made in perpetuity, meaning they last forever. So for weddings, they carry the perfect symbolism.

Bouquet in woodland Rustic wedding ideas with The Woodland Trust |

All money from dedications helps woods and the wildlife that depends on them so if you’re planning to hold your wedding reception in a lovely old rustic barn or in woodlands and want to add something really worthwhile to your day, consider dedicating a tree or woodland to your wedding guests.

And if you’re looking for a meaningful wedding gift for an eco-conscious couple that will last a lifetime – or likely even more – then this is it. For more rustic wedding ideas and to find out more please visit Woodland Trust.


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