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Castle Wedding Venues: 24 Stunning Choices for Would-Be Royal Couples

Celebrate your big day in regal style with our pick of gorgeous castle wedding venues. Castles, from dramatic ruins to stunning medieval palaces, are some of the most romantic wedding venues and settings, and castle weddings offer a celebration filled with atmosphere and charm. The UK is full of beautiful castle wedding venues, so here, in no particular order, are 24 of our favourite.

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Why to have a Castle Wedding

A castle wedding is the perfect fairytale wedding venue, and there’s nothing quite like visiting a castle and feeling the years of history all around you. Castles are magnificent settings, astoundingly atmospheric, and the perfect romantic backdrop with endless photo opportunities both inside and out (most castles will, weather permitting, allow you to take photographs both indoors and outdoors).

Inside with their airy halls and soaring ceilings, lavish chambers and imposing towers, and outside with their vast parks, gardens, lakes, lochs, and woodland. Furthermore, all of the extra space afforded you by the castle grounds offer you the opportunity to indulge in exciting extras, such as an outdoor drinks reception or a fireworks display at the end of the evening (if your castle wedding venue allows fireworks).

Castles are wonderful venues for themed weddings. Whether you’re going for a medieval twist with a lavish banquet hall or you’re looking for fairytale magic with a breathtaking ballroom, there are all kinds of castles available. Although older, historic buildings often lend themselves well to candle‐lit evening receptions, to have a castle wedding doesn’t mean all dim lighting and huge halls and cool grey stone. When you say “castle”, a lot of people tend to think of medieval castles, but these days there are contemporary castles that are furnished with more of a modern touch: brighter, with clear open spaces.

Royal Windsor Castle Round Tower at Sunset Photographed by Peter Packer, Royal Collection Trust | above: Windsor Castle Round Tower at Sunset – Peter Packer, Royal Collection Trust, via

1) Pentillie Castle and Estate

Pentillie Castle in North Cornwall is set on a 2,000 acre estate, promising views of rolling hills and the utmost privacy for your special day.


2) Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Castle is a Grade I listed stately home and wedding venue in Leicestershire, the East Midlands, overlooking the Vale of Belvoir.

Belvoir Castle Grade I Listed Stately Home and Wedding Venue in Leicestershire, the East Midlands, Overlooking the Vale of Belvoir - Aerial Photo by Riff Raff Photography | above: Belvoir CastleAerial Photo by Riff Raff Photography

3) Borthwick Castle

Borthwick Castle is a medieval Scottish Castle near Edinburgh, Scotland, that looks like it’s been lifted straight out of a storybook.

Borthwick Castle near Edinburgh, Scotland - Medieval Scottish Castle - Castle Sunset Photography - Story Book Wedding Venues | above: Borthwick Castle

4) Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a historic medieval castle by the River Avon, developed from an original built by William the Conqueror.

Warwick Castle Historic Medieval Castle by the River Avon - Developed from an Original Built by William the Conqueror - Caesar's Tower at Warwick Castle at Sunset - Oxford, Stratford, and the Cotswolds | above: Caesar’s Tower at Warwick Castle

5) Peckforton Castle

Peckforton Castle is a medieval castle style Victorian country house in Cheshire.

Peckforton Castle Cheshire Wedding Venue - Medieval Castle Style Victorian Country House - Castle Winter Sunset - Castle Wedding Venues in the UK | above: Peckforton Castle

6) Clearwell Castle

Clearwell Castle is a Grade II listed gothic revival mansion in Clearwell, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Clearwell Castle Grade II Listed Gothic Revival Mansion in Clearwell, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire - Clearwell Castle Wedding Photography by Martin Phillips Studio | above: Clearwell CastleWedding Photography by Martin Phillips Studio

7) Lews Castle

Lews Castle is a Victorian era castle on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland.

Lews Castle Victorian Era Castle on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland - Beautiful Castle Sunset Photography with Reflection on the Water | above: Lews Castle

8) Culzean Castle

Culzean Castle is an 18th century clifftop castle in Ayrshire, Scotland, overlooking the Firth of Clyde with views toward the beautiful Ailsa Craig.

Culzean Castle 18th Century Clifftop Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland by the Firth of Clyde with Views Toward Ailsa Craig – Photo by PictureSQue, Photography by Samuel Quinn | above: Culzean CastlePhotography by Samuel Quinn

9) Durham Castle

Durham Castle is a Norman castle at Durham University College.

Durham Castle North East Norman Castle at Durham University College - The Palace of the Prince of Bishops by Paul Steele | above: Durham Castle – The Palace of the Prince of Bishops by Paul Steele

10) Eastnor Castle

Eastnor Castle is a Georgian castle in Herefordshire, in the foothills of the Malverns. A true fairytale castle wedding venue complete with a beautiful glassy lake.

Eastnor Castle Fairytale Lakeside Castle Wedding Venue in Herefordshire - Georgian Castle in the foothills of the Malverns - Winter Castle by the Lake in the Sunlight | above: Eastnor Castle

11) Château Rhianfa

Château Rhianfa is a Grade II listed French-style inspired Welsh castle hotel in North Anglesey, Wales.

Château Rhianfa Hotel in North Anglesey, Wales - Grade II Listed French-Style Inspired Welsh Castle Hotel - Photo from Gemma and Dave's Real Wedding by Claire Penn Photography | above: Château RhianfaGemma and Dave’s Real Wedding by Claire Penn Photography

12) Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle is an English Heritage Grade I listed building in Gloucestershire, near the Cotswolds, and a beautiful, historic castle wedding venue.

Berkeley Castle English Heritage Grade I Listed Building in Gloucestershire - Beautiful Historic English Castle Wedding Venues - Cotswolds Beautiful Castle Wedding Venue in the UK | above: Berkeley Castle

13) Dunrobin Castle

A fairytale, French chateau style castle and gardens in Scotland (and the seat of Clan Sutherland) that’s reminiscent of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World. See more of it in Stephanie & Alistair’s Real Wedding!

Dunrobin Castle French Chateau Style Castle and Gardens - Fairytale Cinderella Wedding Venue in Scotland - Seat of Clan Sutherland | above: Dunrobin CastleMyHighlands

14) Castle Menzies

Castle Menzies is a restored Scottish castle in Aberfeldy in the highlands of Scotland and the ancestral seat of the Clan Menzies and the Menzies Baronets.

Castle Menzies Restored Scottish Castle in Aberfeldy in the Highlands of Scotland - Ancestral Seat of the Clan Menzies and the Menzies Baronets - Scottish Castle Photography | above: Castle Menzies by Targn Pleiades on Shutterstock

15) Kinnettles Castle

Kinnettles Castle is a beautiful Scottish wedding venue in Angus, Scotland.

Kinnettles Castle Beautiful Scottish Wedding Venue in Angus, Scotland - Kinnettles Castle Summer Wedding | above: Kinnettles Castle

16) Atholl Palace

Atholl Palace is a gorgeous Scottish castle and highland spa hotel in Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands.

Atholl Palace Scottish Castle and Highland Spa Hotel in Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands - Scottish Highland Castle in the Hills of Scotland | above: Atholl Palace

17) Walton Castle

Walton Castle is a 17th century, Grade II hilltop castle in Clevedon, North Somerset.

Walton Castle Castle Wedding Venue in Clevedon, North Somerset - 17th Century Grade II Hilltop Castle | above: Walton Castle

18) Highcliffe Castle

Highcliffe Castle is a romantic, picturesque, Grade I listed castle in Dorset.

Romantic and Picturesque Grade 1 Listed Highcliffe Castle in Dorset - Summer Castle Wedding | above: Highcliffe Castle

19) Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is a World Heritage Site in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. A historic house with sprawling, beautiful gardens.

Blenheim Palace Historic House and Gardens and World Heritage Site in Woodstock, Oxfordshire - Blenheim Palace in Spring with Red Tulips Photography by Pete Seaward | above: Blenheim PalacePhotography by Pete Seaward

20) Mount Stuart

Mount Stuart House is a Scottish castle on the Isle of Bute, Scotland.

Mount Stuart Scottish Castle Wedding on the Isle of Bute, Scotland – Historic Buildings and Homes on VisitScotland - Spring Castle with Yellow Daffodils | above: Mount Stuart House

21) Hever Castle and Gardens

Hever Castle and Gardens is a romantic, historic wedding venue in Kent complete with lovely gardens, moat, and lake that’s famously the childhood home of Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn.

Romantic Hever Castle and Gardens in Kent - Childhood Home of Anne Boleyn - Sunset at Hever Castle with Bridge and Moat by Ozturk Aker on Flickr | above: Hever Castle and GardensSunset at Hever Castle by Ozturk Aker on Flickr

22) Allerton Castle

Allerton Castle is a Grade I listed, 19th century, Victorian Gothic house in North Yorkshire.

Allerton Castle Grade I Listed 19th Century Gothic Victorian Gothic House - Castle Weddings in North Yorkshire - Countryside Wedding Venues in the UK | above: Allerton Castle

23) Amberley Castle

Amberley Castle is a luxury castle hotel and restaurant in West Sussex, near the South Downs.

Amberley Castle Luxury Castle Hotel and Restaurant in West Sussex Near the South Downs - Summer Wedding Venues in the UK | above: Amberley Castle

24) Ackergill Tower

Ackergill Tower is a luxury hotel in the Scottish highlands and sits right by the coast for stunning views across the sea.

Ackergill Tower Hotel in Winter - Luxury Hotel In the Scottish Highlands - Castle Wedding Venue in Scotland by the Coast | above: Ackergill Tower

Castle Weddings Abroad

Castles can be found all over. They’re built on lake-sides and lochs, hill-sides and valleys, and span the entire length of the UK. A wedding in such a fantastic venue is sure to leave you with a treasure-trove of memories. But castles aren’t just found in the UK; if you want a wedding abroad you’ll find a host of stunning castles all across the world.

With such a huge array of possibilities, from Scandinavia to Italy and beyond, you have a choice of near any location you can imagine. Prices for castle weddings vary, but by carefully researching your options you’ll find that they may not cost nearly as much as you fear.


Last year we had the pleasure of visiting Chateau Mercues in the South of France, and we couldn’t imagine a more picture perfect place to live out your dream of a fairytale wedding.

Turrets create the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, and the grounds of the chateau are just made for romantic soirees. The venue overlooks rolling hills and rambling rivers, while the rooms boast authentic wooden shutters for a real life Beauty and the Beast feel.

For a castle wedding abroad, this is the place for you.

What You Should Know

Having a castle wedding guarantees a day filled with magic and romance, but it’s very important to find out everything about your possible venues and ensure they have all of the facilities you need.

  • Booking times vary, as do guest capacity and availability—some castles will allow you full private hire for a few days, thus allowing you and your guests to stay for a few nights like royalty, but other castles may only give you the wedding day so you might have to organise alternative accommodation.
  • Depending on the castle you choose, you could have either a civil ceremony in one of the stately rooms, or a religious service in the chapel if there’s one on‐site.
  • Castles and their guidelines vary: some castles have sound restrictions, which may impact your plans for your wedding reception, and some may not allow fireworks or the traditional throwing of confetti. Make sure you know what your venue has and doesn’t have, and what they do and don’t allow.

Whether you’re considering a medieval banquet, a Jane Austen style ball, or a fairytale celebration, a historical castle is the perfect backdrop. To find castle wedding venues that are perfect for you, browse our venue directory for venues in your area.

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