Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Theme |

Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme is the canvas of your wedding day and your decor, colour scheme, favours, and even your wedding dress will all tie in to your chosen theme in some way or another. So you want to make sure you choose the right one for you; here are our top tips for choosing your wedding theme.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Theme |


1) Get Inspired

If you have absolutely no idea where to begin, start by keeping an open mind and hitting all the sources of inspiration you can think of. Go crazy and pin those hundreds upon hundreds of images on Pinterest, research real weddings, take a browse of some themed decorations, and think about all the things you love and might want to incorporate in your theme. Don’t be afraid of going to your friends and family for ideas too.

Wedding Inspiration |
Above, from the top: LED Round White Lace Lantern Lights | Sensational Floral Ring Cushion | Lace Opulence Accessory Card and Invitation with “Classic Script” Stationery Collection | Jewel Footed Wooden Boxes | Embroidered Appliqué Bridal Garter | Rolled Burlap Flowers | Shabby Chic Mr. and Mrs. Hook Set | Large Vintage Pink Burlap Wreath | Antique Lace Hand Fan

2) Think Seasons and Setting

If you have a rough idea of when in the year you’d like to get married, and where (at home or abroad?), use that as the building block for your theme. Spring weddings will usually be naturally bright and green, and autumn weddings will be traditionally dusky and elegant; a wedding held in rural Britain will be beautifully homely and tranquil compared with the tropical paradise of a wedding in the Caribbean.

Seasonal Wedding Decor |
Above: Autumn Wedding DecorVintage Display Draws with Ornate Boxes and Bell Shaped Glass Tealight Holder | Vintage Travel Personalised Hand Fan with Compass Charm and “From the Happy Couple” Ribbon | Flat Pocket Paper Favour Bag with Utensil Menu Print | Mini Natural Birch Wood Circle Slices with Striped Cotton Baker’s Twine | Personalised Long Burlap Table Runner with Lace Edging | Wood Veneer Bracked Place Card Napkin Ring | Rustic Self-Standing Table Number And HoldersFrench Provençal Mini Decorative PitcherGlass Milk Bottle | Lemon Yellow Candy Striped “Sipper” Straws |


3) Make It Personal

Probably the most important thing when deciding on your theme is to choose one that means something to you and your partner. It should reflect something about the two of you, both now and in the years to come, so work together to make a decision.

Bride and Groom |

4) Get Organised

Pink Wedding |
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You may find that you’re spoilt for choice—after all, there are so many stunning ideas out there. That means it’s time to look carefully at all of the ideas you’ve gathered, see what you really want, and organise it all in a way that you can work through it in a process of elimination. Once again Pinterest is an invaluable tool, but some artistic brides may even want to make a scrapbook of ideas. Simply select your favourite ideas and work them into a theme of your own. There’s nothing wrong with using bits and pieces from a few themes, but if they’re each very, very different you may end up with a bit of a random theme with no rhyme or rhythm. Unless that’s your intention (because two fused themes can work very well, like vintage winter or beachside bohemian), try to be selective so that everything complements each other.

5) Have Fun

Happy Couple |
Above, image courtesy of Martin James Photography

Finally, have some fun while deciding on your theme. It can be a relaxing experience, and there are no hard-and-fast rules as to what your theme should and shouldn’t be. Whatever you decide, just make sure you and your partner are happy with it..

For more, see How to Theme Your Wedding and our Top Tips for Themed Weddings.

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