Real wedding painted in real time by Wed on Canvas |

The Latest Unusual Wedding Trends

The world of weddings is ever-changing, meaning new and exciting trends pop up all the time. From 3-D printed cake toppers to incredible framed wedding dresses, here are our 5 absolute favourite unusual wedding trends of 2017.

 Artist painting wedding as it happens Wed on Canvas |
Image courtesy of Wed on Canvas

Wedding Paintings

Paintings of weddings aren’t a new thing, but live wedding paintings are making a comeback in a major way. This unusual wedding trend has a painter who will create a gorgeous painting of your wedding as it takes place on the day. Giving you an artist’s impression of your wedding day to hang in your home and keep as an heirloom for future generations.

A Canvas Painting of the Big Day Makes for an Unusual Wedding Trends |

It may be faster and more accurate if you hired a photographer, but there’s something beautiful about a painting. Paintings also add an air of elegance and refinement, allowing your precious memories to really add to a room. And it’s the most personal wedding present you could arrange for the bride or groom.

Real wedding painted in real time by Wed on Canvas |

Images above both courtesy of Wed On Canvas

Dress Framing

Wedding dresses are so beautiful and it would be such a shame to see it get damaged and dirty over time, that’s why more and more brides are getting their dress framed. Not only does it keep the dress safe, but it also allows you to put your gorgeous dress on display as a piece of art.

Framed wedding dress by the Beautiful Frame Company |

Image Courtesy of The Beautiful Frame Company

Hang your dress in your living room for all to see, or in your bedroom to keep it just for you. The framing process will ensure that your dress will look as beautiful as it did the day you first tried it on, for years to come.

Professional Proposals

There are so many beautiful proposal stories, but some people are looking for outside help to ensure their proposal is perfect. From creating an enchanted, romantic background to choreographing huge flash mobs in busy cities, nothing is too much for the professional proposal artists.

Video courtesy of The Proposers

This growing trend has probably come about due to the unrealistic expectations about proposals that films have given us, but now it’s actually possible to put on your own flash mob if you really want to. However, even the simplest of proposals mean the world when it comes from the right person.

Video courtesy of The Proposers


Have you ever wanted to star in a music video? Well you can when you create your very own marryoke video, simply choose your song and let the fun begin! Marryoke takes traditional videography and candid shots, but adds clips of you and your guests lip syncing to your song.

Marryoke video by Marryokes.

Creating a marryoke video is such amazing fun for everyone involved, allowing guests of all ages to get involved with festivities. These fantastic videos are an excellent way to remember your big day and are certainly more unique than a slide show presentation.

Marryoke video by MarryokeME.

If you’re looking for a more traditional wedding video, you can find one from one of our Fantastic Videographers.

3D Printed Cake Toppers

3D printers are an outstanding invention providing rapid and incredible medical and now cake topper advancements. Have you been looking for the perfect cake topper that looks just like you and your partner? Well don’t worry, thanks to science you can now get 3D printed toppers that look exactly like you.

3D Printed Cake Toppers |
Image Courtesy of Doob

To get one of these, all you have to do is strike a pose in your wedding attire and let a printing company scan you, and they can create a perfect replica. You don’t even need to go with your partner, so you won’t see each other in your wedding outfits before the big day. For more topper inspiration, take a look at the Cake Topper Collection.

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