What is a wedding theme?

Adding unique style to your day with a wedding theme is easy when you know how

A wedding or party ‘theme’, is simply a certain style choice for your day that you then reflect in your choice of invitations, dress code, decorations, music, you name it!

Whether you choose something like a particular subject as a theme, (such as football, butterflies or chocolate), or a colour theme, (like pink, black and white or rainbow colours for example), a wedding theme will create a unique style and mood for your celebrations and the choice of theme is entirely up to you.

You’ll find loads of ideas and inspiration for theme ideas, how to theme your wedding, top tips, even ideas for something like a Christmas theme or eco‐themed wedding for your big day in our guide.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you’ll then find ideas for everything from glasses to centerpieces and place names to sparklers in the buyers guide on our site.

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