What to look for

Marquee Hire companies vary greatly in quality and price. If you know a marquee company has a high standard of work, is flexible and approachable then it is worth paying a little more. To help you choose, look for a marquee company that:

  • Supplies the type of marquee you require (traditional or modern frame).
  • Has availability for your date.
  • Are willing for you to view a sample marquee. ‐ Look for cleanliness, attention to detail and speak to the customer involved.
  • The marquee hirer should not be deciding for you but listening to your requirements and offering options for you to decide from.
  • Some marquee companies are part‐time: ‐ Part‐time companies will normally be cheaper. ‐ Full‐time companies will normally have a manned office and a larger stock to choose from. ‐ Both full‐time and part‐time companies may offer a 24 hr number in case of emergencies.
  • Find out likely erection and dismantling days ‐ Wedding‐specialising marquee companies will have your marquee completed by Thursday evening to allow other contractors (florists, caterers) access on the Friday. ‐ Ensure the marquee will not be dismantled on the Sunday or left up for a long time afterwards.
  • Ensure the hirer supplies a detailed floor plan.
The “Complete Confetti Guide to Marquees” was written and submitted by Spencer King.


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