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Winter Wedding Frosting: Winter Wedding Inspiration

Winter. A time of year when the earth gets enveloped in chilly air and a sprinkling of white powdery snow. Many brides love the idea of getting married in winter, what with their gorgeous white dresses and the white, wintry landscape the season presents. Whether you live in an area known for its snowy winters or if you live somewhere where snow never makes an appearance, you can still enjoy the beautiful winter wedding wonderland so many of us crave.

Winter White Tablescape from
A stunning white winter wedding tablescape.

Get the Winter Wedding Bridal Look

The first step to having a winter wedding is making sure you look the part. Winter weddings always seem to channel snow princess vibes, and rightly so! While we know Disney’s Frozen is insanely popular, we think our brides can do one better than replicating a cartoon princess. Opt for details that will allow your inner snow princess to shine through!


The soft elegant look of a winter bride from
Perfect the snow princess look with our bridal makeup and hair tips.

A bit of body shimmer, cheeks adorned with kisses of blush pink and a subtle, smoky eye all blend together to create an effortlessly beautiful snow princess look. When it comes to the dress, choose something in classic stark white, creamy ivory or contemporary blush pink. Feathers, shawls or even elegant gloves would complete the look. Finally, no snow princess would be complete without a gleaming tiara and the blingier, the better! Don’t forget to tie in your appearance with a diamante-detailed manicure. Get inspired by our bridal nail picks.

 The Finer Details

Winter wedding decor details from
Above from left: winter wedding tablescape, set the mood with long, elegant tapers and show your guests to their seats with luxe mirrored wedding favours. Below, a wintry wedding place setting fit for a queen.

With the right type of focus and detail, your winter wedding will look stunning! We’ve gone for a stunning array of white and crystal products, all accented with the vibrant green stems of the fresh florals. From the long ivory tapers to the snow white porcelain crockery and the gleaming gilded cutlery, this tablescape screams wintry elegance. We especially love the votive tealights dotted across the table, the sweet rose blooms in our mirrored favour boxes and the perfectly round place card holder. We’ve sprinkled some of our very own Confetti confetti in the shape of snowflakes across the table to help draw attention to the gleaming theme and inject a bit of the wintry vibe.

Send your guests home with a bit of winter

No theme wedding is worth its budget if the entire day doesn’t reflect the theme. From your dress to your makeup, your bridesmaid dresses to your ceremony and reception decor to your buffet menu, everything needs to sing a harmonious note in reference to your theme. And the parting gift for your guests is no exception!

Winter wedding themed details from
From left: serve warm eggnog to your guests, spiked with your favourite rum. Across the top: don’t forget the details! Middle: set the mood with expertly displayed votive candles and below, prop your rings on these stunning ring cushions.

We’ve showcased some of our ideal winter wedding favours and accents any winter bride would love. Use our tips and make sure each element of your wedding is a reflection of your intended theme and you’ll create a beautiful, unforgettable themed wedding.

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