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Alternative Wedding Ring Boxes: 17 Creative Ideas for Quirky Couples

Whether you’re popping the question or taking the rings down the aisle, you’re going to need a ring box. Toss that boring ring box for one of these unique and exciting alternative wedding ring boxes, from a beautiful Harry Potter inspired golden snitch or cut-out book to a rose gold pocket watch or a simple red rose.

17 Alternative Wedding Ring Boxes

These alternative wedding ring boxes give you a beautiful place to stow the rings until the proposal or the “I do”s, and even act as a lovely memento of the occasion after the big day.


1) The Golden Snitch

This Harry Potter themed golden snitch ring box from Freeman Design is a work of art, and the second best gift for any Potterhead (falling just behind their Hogwarts acceptance letter). A special commission, it’s the result of over 60 hours of work and was made to double as a necklace. Not only are the words “I open at the close” hand engraved into its surface, but it also comes with “a Nimbus 2000 broomstick inspired charm which secretly doubles as the key to open it.” The name of the receiver is also engraved on the inside. Isn’t it magical?? It’s definitely one of the most beautiful alternative wedding ring boxes!

Golden Snitch Inspired Secret Engagement Ring Box and Necklace by Freeman Jewellery - Freeman Design New Zealand | above: Golden Snitch Inspired Secret Engagement Ring Box and Necklace by Freeman Design

2) The Clearest Intentions

These clear acrylic ring boxes are clean and simple, with a compartment below to add decorative accents to really make it pop. For example, below you’ll see boxes filled with maidenhair fern cuttings, and another filled with pretty flowers and twigs. Furthermore, these boxes can be etched in a variety of different styles, making them the perfect fit for any wedding theme.

Acrylic Wedding Ring Box - Filled with Maidenhair Fern Cuttings and Silver Wedding Rings | above: Acrylic Wedding Ring Box

Alternative Wedding Ring Boxes - Woodland Pretty Etching Acrylic Wedding Ring Box | Alternative Wedding Ring Boxes - Maidenhair Fern Greenery Printing Acrylic Wedding Ring Box |

Featured above: Acrylic Wedding Ring Box with Woodland Pretty Etching and Maidenhair Fern Greenery Printing

3) A Vintage Book Box

This vintage inspired ring box is full of antique charm and allows you to keep the vows and rings together for the wedding ceremony.

"A Promise Made" Vintage Inspired Jewellery Book Box for Wedding Rings, Brides Vows, and Groom's Vows | above: “A Promise Made” Vintage Inspired Jewellery Book Box

4) Within the Pages of a Book

Keeping the ring inside a book is such a beautiful idea, and especially perfect for book lovers. We love the idea of choosing a page and highlighting a special word like “happiness,” shown below, or a chapter name such as “The Unbreakable Vow” from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Just make sure you don’t carve up your own copy, or your other half’s!

Persuasion by Jane Austen Book Ring Box Proposal Idea | Harry Potter Half Blood Prince JK Rowling Floating Heart Engagement Proposal Ring Box Hollow Book Unbreakable Vow |

Featured above: Outdoor Library Proposal by The Yes Girls | Harry Potter Floating Heart by Virtualdistortion on Etsy

5) The Sweet Secret

The only ring box on this list that looks good enough to eat! Inspired by the French meringue, this is a great ring box for anyone who likes macarons. With so many different colour options they can fit with any colour scheme–and imagine the fun you can have if you propose to your sweetheart with this! Perhaps you can hide it within a box of real macarons?

Macaron Ring Box |

Featured above: Macaron Trinket Boxes via The Tom Kat Studio

6) A Pocket Watch Inspired Box

These gold and rose gold pocket watch inspired ring boxes are unique and elegant ring box alternatives that are sure to impress. They’re definitely some of our absolute favourite alternative wedding ring boxes!

Gold Personalised Pocket Watch Ring Holder | Rose Gold Personalised Pocket Watch Ring Holder |

Featured above: Personalised Pocket Watch Case Wedding Ring Holder with “Modern Couple” Etching and Personalised Pocket Watch Case Wedding Ring Holder with “I Do” Etching


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. It seems only fitting that the TARDIS be involved in the big day, and what better way is there than this amazing ring box?

TARDIS Engagement Ring Box from The Model Maker - Doctor Who Wedding Ideas - TARDIS Ring Box | above: TARDIS Engagement Ring Box from The Model Maker

8) The Droid You’re Looking For

A wedding should be all about love, and nobody has a larger heart than this little Earth class droid. Wall-E and EVA are quite possibly the epitome of relationship goals. Invite this adorable little bot to your wedding and he may just steal the show. It’s definitely one of the most adorable alternative wedding ring boxes!

Wall-E Engagement Ring Box from The Model Maker - Wall-E Ring Box | above: Wall-E Engagement Ring Box from The Model Maker

9) Treasure Chest

What better way to present a ring than in a treasure chest? These treasure chest boxes would be especially fitting for beach weddings, where the rings could be set upon a bed of sand and shells. And they’re not just fantastic alternative wedding ring boxes, but also cute wedding favour containers!

Mini Wooden Treasure Chest Favour - Unique Wedding Favour Ideas - Ring Box Ideas | above: Mini Wooden Treasure Chest

10) Till Death Do Us Part

This ring box is such a cool idea, and goes to show that your love won’t bend and will last for all eternity. The soft satin and beautiful wood make a luxury ring box that will easily fit into a Gothic themed wedding, but that kind of goes without saying.

Coffin Ring Box Carla and Henry’s Vintage Gothic Wedding by Iris Mendoza from Beyond Artistic Wedding Photography | above: Carla and Henry’s Vintage Gothic Wedding by Beyond Artistic

11) A Mirrored Box

A pretty and sophisticated ring box idea, this mirrored box would be perfect for a glamorous wedding theme.

Small Mirrored Keepsake Box With Lid Ring Box Idea | above: Small Mirrored Keepsake Box With Lid

12) A Glass Box

Similar to the clear acrylic ring boxes, a glass ring box allows you to fill it with interesting details such as petals. This glass box also has shaped metal edges, offering a beautiful vintage finish.

Personalised Vintage Inspired Glass Jewellery Box - Vintage Ring Box Ideas - Glass Ring Box Ideas | above: Personalised Vintage Inspired Glass Jewellery Box

13) Rose Gold Box

Rose gold is still very on-trend, and any rose gold lover will adore this modern glass box.

Small Glass and Rose Gold Ring Box Keepsake Box and Jewellery Box - Modern Floral Print | above: Small Glass and Rose Gold Ring Box with Modern Floral Print

14) A Mini Terrarium

This geometric, rose gold, terrarium style ring box is a contemporary ring box idea that looks stunning when filled with colourful crystals or greenery.

Rose Gold Ring Box Glass Geometric Terrarium with Decorative Greenery | above: Rose Gold and Glass Geometric Ring Box

15) A Heart of Gold

Keep the wedding rings close to your heart with this golden heart shaped box. Understated but very beautiful.

Personalised Gold Modern Heart Jewellery Box Bridesmaid Gift Idea - XO With Etching | above: “XO” Modern Gold Heart Jewellery Box

16) A Pocket Sized Ring Box

This hand carved, dark wood ring box creates a timeless look and won’t feel like a dated keepsake, but a charming future heirloom. Personalise with names and a message within for extra special meaning, and choose from a variety of beautiful etchings.


Modern Wedding Ring Box Ideas - Pocket Size Wooden Wedding Ring Box with Geo Monogram Etching | above: Pocket Size Wooden Wedding Ring Box with Geo Monogram Etching

17) A Beautiful Rose

For one of the most unique and beautiful ring box alternatives you might choose not to use a box at all when presenting your ring, but a beautiful flower.

Diamond Ring in a Red Rose Wedding Photo Idea | above: Wedding Proposal Ideas

Alternative Wedding Ring Cushions

Ring cushions are a traditional wedding ceremony accessory that don’t have to be plain and uninteresting. See some below that are far from bland–they have been remade and reinvented into beautiful, contemporary designs.

The “Eternal” Ring Cushion

This pretty “eternal” ring cushion is made from soft linen and decorated with vintage type–a very romantic gesture on the wedding day.

Personalised Eternal Definition Natural Linen Ring Cushion With Vintage Type | above: “Eternal” Natural Linen Ring Cushion

A Floral Cushion

This champagne coloured, floral-inspired ring cushion is an artistic cushion in the shape of a flower, decorated with petals and pearls. It’s a clever and modern ring cushion alternative that also doubles as a pretty statement piece.

Sensational Floral Wedding Ring Cushion - Pearls and Petals Wedding Ideas | above: Floral Wedding Ring Cushion

Miniature Beaded Cushion

Getting the ring down the aisle no longer has to include a great big cushion, if that’s not what you want. This pretty white, raw silk, beaded cushion is a stunning modern take on a classic ceremony accessory. Small and stylish, it’s perfect for the smaller hands of your ring bearer.

Elegant Mini White Beaded Wedding Ring Cushion | above: Mini White Beaded Wedding Ring Cushion

A “Burlap Chic” Ring Cushion

A lovely, versatile, and on-trend ring cushion, this “burlap chic” cushion is perfect for all kinds of wedding themes with its rustic burlap and classic floral details.

Shabby Chic Burlap Chic Ring Cushion - Rustic Wedding Ideas | above: Shabby Chic Burlap Chic Ring Cushion

See even more beautiful wedding ring cushions in our shop, including this clever wedding date ring cushion.

 “Notable” Personalised Ring Cushion with Wedding Date Design | above: “Notable” Personalised Ring Cushion with Wedding Date Design

A Framed Ring Cushion

If you’re still after the classic ring cushion but are searching for a unique spin, look no further than this ring cushion enhanced with an ornamental vintage frame. You could also add a piece of lace to the cushion within, as shown below, for an even more beautiful alternative ring cushion.

Vintage Wedding Ring Cushion With Ornamental Frame - Beautiful Wedding Ring Cushions | above: Vintage Wedding Ring Cushion with Ornamental Frame

Alternative Wedding Ring Dishes

Decorative dishes or plates are other stylish ring holder alternatives, and they make for special keepsakes after the wedding. They can be easily personalised with engravings for a unique, distinctive look, and you could also add some colourful flowers, greenery, or natural petal confetti to make them even more interesting.

A Porcelain Leaf

This unique and exclusive leaf-shaped plate is perfect for nature-lovers and comes with a lovely embossed pattern as well as openings in the porcelain where you can easily secure the rings (with thread) so that they don’t get lost.

White Porcelain Leaf Ring Plate or Key Dish | above: White Porcelain Leaf Dish

A Mini Vintage Tray

This ornate, mini vintage tray comes with an authentic aged white finish for an antique style alternative to a wedding ring cushion. It can even act as another of our alternative wedding ring boxes!

Antique White Miniature Metal Ring Tray - Alternative Wedding Ring Box Ideas | above: Antique White Miniature Metal Ring Tray

An Angel’s Wing

And finally, this mini aged white tray is made in the shape of a feathered bird’s or angel’s wing and sits snugly in the palm of your hand.

Feather Wing Iron Favour Dish In Distressed White - Angel Wing Ring Box Alternative | above: Feather Wing Iron Favour Dish in Distressed White


Once you have your ring box, it’s time to pop the question. Check out these fantastic proposal ideas and make the moment even more special.

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